Stock Donation Options

Donating stocks or equities is easy. Operation Pay It Forward (OPIF) has partnered with Cambria Capital to accept the transfer and sale of these items, as per Operation Pay It Forward policies. Please see the information below for specific details. So that we may appropriately acknowledge that your gift is received and send any IRS documentation you may need, make sure to have your broker share your name, address, and phone number.

Transfer Information – Stock Donations to Operation Pay It Forward

Firm Name: Cambria Capital

Clearing Firm: Axos Clearing

DTC#: 0052

Account Name: Operation Pay It Forward

Account #: 3571-4511

Contact Information

Joel Vanderhoof

Cambria Capital, LLC

488 E. Winchester St. Suite 200

Salt Lake City, Utah 84107

Toll Free: 877-226-0477

Direct: 801-320-9609

Fax: 801-320-9610